As a Creative & Media Agency, we are specialized in Video Production, Music Production, Photography, Sound Design, Web Development, Art Direction, Design & Build, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. With our Video Post Production, Design & Build, Recording Studio and Audio Post Production, we take pride in producing every project. Headquarted in Singapore, we work tirelessly pushing through boundaries to deliver for projects around the region. The media that you have created, will speak for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year even while you are resting. From providing creative concept, media production to digital marketing, we are the team you can rely on for a dynamic and eclectic production.

As a creative agency, we offer a spectral of branding and communications services, helping companies engage a wide range of audience through their marketing channels, whether it’s via commercials, social media, or through print ads or events. Doubling as a media production agency, we offer end-to-end solutions from creative concepts to fully produced media content. Nothing beats the direct contact with our talented directors and producers to elevate your project for greater heights.

An executive’s remuneration costs $30,000 per annum. That adds up to $150,000 for 5 years asides bonuses, leaves, transport allowances, healthcare benefits, insurance and the list goes on …. How much should a corporation invest in engaging content that leaves good impression to the prospective clients?
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Understanding Your Audience

To connect with your audience, you will need understand the  demographics, behaviours and lifestyles. Building a great brand is about building relationship. People never forget how you inspire them. Hence it is always important to engage with the right audience. We never believe in a standard template for our clients. With our broad base of clienteles and projects, we pledge our best to exceed your expectations.

understanding your audience will help you determine the style which contributes to effectiveness of your media production

Therefore nothing beats well-produced content that resonates well in the hearts of your audience.

With an excellent presentation, our creative & media production agency elevates your company's image in terms of branding and market presence. Furthermore with our deep understanding and studies into the market trends and target audiene profile, we will definitely make your stories influential, touching and even inspirational.




As a Creative Agency & Media Content Producers, DreamBox started with the vision of integrating ideas into creative media content and experience, regardless of platform. Bearing no constrains on perspectives and interpretations had allowed DreamBox to make anything possible. Apart from having its own facility, DreamBox has carved an image for itself, gradually taking position as a creative agency, media agency, video production house to even a design & build studio covering your needs in brand, corporate, investor, public relation (PR) communications, advertising and marketing. Created for the regional markets, DreamBox has established as being dexterous in the field since its inception. Serving various clients from several industries ranging from multi-national companies, small-medium enterprises to even successful individuals, being critical to details and their adherence in delivering the best interpretation has brought them to where they are today. That is what seen as the utmost priority, to provide innovative solutions in conveying key messages to the masses. With an experienced team of directors, supported by a team of energetic and talented professionals, DreamBox has the capability of tailoring needs in correspondence to your wishes; which eventually transform ideas into effective values (in terms of investment & revenues) for your company. Being a popular choice amongst, DreamBox truthfully aims to penetrate with outstanding products which are agreed upon.


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As a Digital Advertising Agency that grew with this advertising evolution, we are one of the leading pioneer agencies in using the digital advertising platform.

Singapore's Leading Corporate Video Production Company - Dreambox Studio

Also known as Video Agency, Media Agency, Media Production Company, Branding Agency, Marketing Communications Company, Corporate Videography, Media Content Producers and Creative Agency 

Dreambox Studio provides services for video production, videography, photography, music production, sound design, media production and live streaming

Build brands and increase sales by engaging Singapore's Leading Corporate Video Production Company - Dreambox Studio, also known as a Video Agency, Corporate Videography Company, Media Agency and Creative Agency. We also provide Corporate Video Production and Videography Services, Recording Studio, Event Photography, Web Development, Design and Build, Digital Marketing and Online Advertising. Digital Advertising is a growing need in every business, so is digital marketing. With digital marketing and advertising pairing up with our leading media production services, we help you generate revenues that put you as a market leader ahead of your rivals. Helmed as the best creative agency for video production, Dreambox Studio is delivers quality media production services at mediocre cost. Our team provide the best Event Photography and Videography services across Singapore. Event Videography is a great way to remember events of all nature. Live streaming Video Production provides accessibility to information over the internet during and after the actual day. Video Streaming allows multiple user to view broadcast online. From producing Brand Song to advertising jingles, our Recording Studio may be used to record Advertisement, Voiceover or Music. Geared with a Video Post Production capabilities, we provide Video Editing service. Recording studio is for onsite recording, location recording, Music production, Sound Design and Voiceover Recording. We create radio commercial, tv commercial for advertising needs. We are fully equipped to provide Videography and Videographer. Helmed as a boutique and one of the best creative agency with in-house media production capabilities, Dreambox Studio is a top corporate video production house and company based in Singapore but serving beyond its shore in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia in corporate video production and photography. With bases extended in these countries, Dreambox Studio's work evolve around global corporations in these region. #corporatevideoproduction #corporatevideograpghy #creativeagency #mediaagency #videoagency #mediaproductionagency #videoproductionhouse #videoproductioncompany #videocompany #mediaproducer #dreamboxstudio