Dreambox Studio is one fast growing agency for Advertising, Branding, Creative, Digital, Event, Public Relations, Marketing, Media and Video Communications. With in-house media production capabilities, Dreambox Studio had established to provide services like Corporate Video Production, Music Production, Photography, Sound Design, Live Stream, Web Development, Design & Build, Online AdvertisingVideo Post Production, Recording Studio and Audio Post Production. From the creative or technical aspects, we pledge to produce turnkey projects that create valuable returns for your organization. It is of the utmost importance that we break through to achieve milestones for our clients, stakeholders, and partners. Where possible, Dreambox Studio triangulates perspectives from different data sources: cross-sectional analytics, time-based trends, demographic patterns, turning data values into ideas, strategies, plans, and actions.

Well-produced content resonates well in hearts while the space we create in audiences' mind stays a lifetime.

Positive content that invokes emotion is the first step of every presentation but highlighting the possibility and practicability requires in-depth conceptualization, research, and analyzation to produce a successful campaign.

What does a creative agency do?

A creative agency like Dreambox Studio offers a variety of services that covers Advertising, Branding, Corporate Communications, Events, Public Relations, and Marketing Communications. Basically, any type of creative strategy, work, or promotion that you would need.

What is the structure of a creative agency?

The structure of a creative agency is not limited to videographers, directors of photography, photographers, gaffers, sound engineers, music composers, sound designers, visual artists, designers, wardrobe stylists, set designers, prop masters, web developers,  digital marketing executives, ​campaign strategists, ​scriptwriters, ​art directors, executive producers, electricians, carpenters, system engineers and etc. Not without the passion and hard work of our entire team. In short, we aren’t just account directors. Perhaps farmers.

What determines the best creative agency?

Our continual investments in human capital and technology have been made possible by our investors and stakeholders. The determination to see our clients’ success in every campaign is in our dna.

What must a creative agency provide?
A creative agency must provide the knowledge of communications at different levels for business to business (b2b), consumer, prosumer, stakeholders, investor to general audience. It’s never an easy task, and no one would have the answer to what one would need, only if one would understand the efficacy of communications across different domains. Dreambox Studio offers an end to end solutions for creative communications across different domains and industries.
What are the criteria of a good creative agency?
Without a doubt, a creative agency must have fresh ideas or has engaged audiences in different areas across all domains or worked through many industries and understands the markets or demands. Data is only fundamental but the failure to understand data, information,- and trends can be painstakingly fatal when a creative agency fails to analyze or provide a direction. But at the same time, this has to be coordinated with the teams and their leaders to align the KPIs that need to be achieved for their needs.




As a Creative Agency & Media Content Producers, DreamBox started with the vision of integrating ideas into creative media content and experience, regardless of platform. Bearing no constraints on perspectives and interpretations allowed DreamBox to make everything possible. Apart from having its own facility, DreamBox has carved an image for itself as a creative agency, media agency, video production house to even a design & build studio covering your needs in brand, corporate, investor, public relations (PR) communications, advertising, and marketing. Created for the regional markets, DreamBox has been established as being dexterous in the field since its inception. Serving various clients from several industries ranging from multi-national companies, small-medium enterprises to even successful individuals, Dreambox is known for being critical to details, and their adherence to delivering the best interpretation at all lengths have brought them to where they are today. That is what is seen as the utmost priority, to provide innovative solutions in conveying key messages to the masses. With an experienced team of directors, supported by a team of energetic and talented professionals, DreamBox has the capability of tailoring needs in correspondence to your wishes; which eventually transforms ideas into effective values (in terms of investment & revenues) for your company. Being a popular choice amongst, DreamBox truthfully aims to penetrate with outstanding products which are agreed upon.


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Dreambox Studio serves as an agency for Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing Communications. Their diverse portfolio has displayed the passion for their clients to attain success in every campaign. With their experience and capabilities to deliver quality work, the power of information, communication, and media shall be at your fingertips.



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